Dilang - Our Signature Flavour

Dilang is the Mutthi Mutthi name for the signature fruit used in crafting our Gin. The flavour profile of the fruit displays a strong bitterness which is offset with a full bodied, earthy sweetness. The fruit can often present as salty depending on the soil condition.

The Dilang bush is a hardy plant that grows across many parts of Southern Australia. This bold plant tolerates many harsh soil types and severe weather conditions. In many ways it is perfectly suited for the harsh Australian landscape. The fruit is abundant in the late summer and is commonly referred to as Dillon Bush, Nitre Bush or Salty Grapes.

Among this being a popular traditional food source, this fruit also attracts Australia’s iconic wildlife. The Emu has been recorded as being the most prolific eater of the Dilang fruit, with emus being responsible for the majority of the plant’s seed germination. It is likely that the majority of Dilang plants (Dillon Bush) in existence have descended from seeds eaten by an emu.

Wandering Emu are proud to share this fantastic native flavour with you.